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KM International Show Training

a premier halter training center located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona. Kenny McDonald, born and raised in the Arabian horse world, brings a refreshed approach to showing, training and marketing of the Arabian horse.

Kenny McDonald has traveled the world training halter horses and attending shows, and he has won national titles in four countries. “The experience and knowledge that I have received with the diverse cultures’ appreciation for the breed and showing is definitely something I am very proud of,” he says.

One of Kenny’s favorite things about the Arabian industry is the camaraderie among its members, and he himself is always willing to be a resource for anyone with questions, whether amateur owners or fellow trainers. Kenny is dedicated to an individualized approach to training horses, while his competitive personality keeps him always thinking ahead and engaged in his work. At the end of the day, though, it’s always about the horses.

“Respect is one of the more important training approaches I use and that goes both ways,” explains Kenny. “When you respect and love the horse you are working with, they will respect and love you back; when you form that bond, the horse you are privileged to work with will trust you and you will be able to accomplish anything together.

Around the Farm

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